Unexpected Error Crash

  • On launching battle.net, I'm almost constantly getting a launch crash message for the battle.net app.

    The heading for the pop-up states "The application encountered an unexpected error"

    The report ID provided changes everytime, but the latest ID is below:

    Sometimes a restart will "resolve" the issue.
    I have tried the Secondary Logon >Automatic fix, that worked once only.
    I have tried the [delete Program Data/Battle.net folder], that helped once.
    I have uninstalled/reinstalled both diablo and battle.net.
    I have killed partitions and formatted the drive, then re-downloaded, twice.

    Please can Blizzard/someone enlighten me how this can be rectified?
    Preferably without having to incinerate the hard drive and try again?
  • Hey, All!

    It looks like you may be having the issue where the Battle.net app crashes if it isn't installed on the C: drive.

    Uninstalling the Battle.net app, reinstalling the app to your *C: Drive*, then deleting the Battle.net Cache and Tools folder seems to fix the issue.



    This may require a patch for the application on our end before it fully resolved.