Diablo 3 crash at launch

  • This is the first time I've tried playing D3 in a while, and every time I try launching the logo appears as normal, but then goes briefly to a black screen and then crashes. Here is the code to the latest crash:


    I have tried deleting the battle.net folder in the programdata folder, running the scan and repair function, disabling the recording features for both battle.net and the Microsoft app. GPU drivers are installed to the latest update. I have a an RX 480 GPU and a Phenom II X4 980 CPU. I don't think I have tried playing D3 since I installed the RX 480 a few months ago. Any help you could give would be great.
  • Hey Darknight,

    Looking at your crash log on our end here, it appears that the crashes are video related (D3D and DirectX 9 referenced in the crash) so we will want to look for other software possibly interfering with the game. Here are some things that I would recommend shutting down or uninstalling for now:

    -AMD Hydravision
    -Any overlays (Such as Razer Comms, Discord overlay, Curse overlay, etc)

    You may also want to try rebooting in Selective Startup which can help remove most background processes for troubleshooting.