Display driver crash

  • Specs
    CPU: i7 4790K
    GPU: GTX 970
    OS: windows 10 Version 1511 build 10586.679

    Graphic Driver: 375.70

    The game randomly causes my graphic driver to crash, D3 is the only game causing this and there seems to be no common factor as to when it happens.
  • Hello gang!

    Seeing that you're both on Windows 10, have we disabled the Xbox game DVR setting yet? This is something we've been seeing affect players since the Windows 10 Anniversary Update rolled out.
      1. Search for "Xbox" and open the Xbox app (You will need to log into your Microsoft Account, or create one if you haven't yet).
      2. Once open, click on the settings option on the left (Cog Wheel).
      3. Click the slider for the game DVR to turn if off.

    Give that a shot and let us know if you're still getting crashes. If there are any error or crash report codes, that information is very helpful too!

    Best of luck in your adventures :)