Another unplayable night

  • TY blizzard.

  • Hey there Bgstan,

    I had a look through each of the crash report IDs that you included, but I'm not really seeing anything that stands out as directly causing the crashes. The crashes do reference DirectX 9 so the crash is likely related to that plus the GPU / drivers crashing.

    I noticed in your other forum thread you mentioned that when you were running the latest Nvidia drivers you would get the error "Display drivers crashed but recovered". This indicates that you were experiencing a TDR (Timeout Detection and Recovery) issue which can be caused by several different things. If you have a few moments you can read more from Nvidia about TDRs here:

    Nvidia statement on TDR errors

    What I would suggest for you to do would be to to submit a support ticket and attach your DXDIAG and MSINFO system files so we can provide more direct troubleshooting. We ask that you not post the MSINFO file on the forums, but posting the DXDIAG is fine. Since we want to get both files from you it would be more ideal if you contact support directly.