Game opens into a monitor that isn't there.

  • So I have a laptop with which I play D3 on. When I bring it home it's fine as I play it in windowed mode, through HDMI onto a TV.

    When I bring it to work and want to play at lunch, the initial launcher comes up, but when I hit the play button it opens up basically on the TV that isn't there. I can min/max the window and see it moving to my task bar, then off the screen to where the TV is at home.

    WoW doesn't do that, and will see that there's nothing there to open to, and will stay on the laptop.

    Any thoughts?
  • Abdar,

    The game uses whatever display Windows has set to be the primary, it has no way to select anything else. It sounds like you have the external display at home set as the primary so if that's the case, just set the laptop's screen as the primary when not using the external display. You may need to run the game in windowed mode if you have the TV set to run at a higher resolution than the laptop screen can support.