Game doesn't like being alt-tabbed out of

  • I have no frame-rate issues (anymore), but alt-tabbing to Firefox or desktop sometimes yields strange results. One time the browser was windowed and shrunken to a little square where you couldn't see thing anymore, another time I got the "unable to initialize D3D error" popup but was able to alt-tab back into game without any issues...

    Also, while loading times seem to be slower in general, the game seems to hang a bit before/during teleporting.
  • Hey there BlueThree!

    So I have seen a few reports of this popping up and it could have a few potential causes. In most cases you can try to get around this by switching to Windowed Fullscreen mode from Fullscreen. I have found in my experiences with various games that Windowed Fullscreen or Windowed (Borderless) experiences far fewer issues when tabbing out than fullscreen does so give that a Shot and see if that helps.