Lag issues/D3D could not load

  • Hey. Went to load up my diablo and at first I had the cursor in the middle of the screen (would reset back to here) and the screen was flashing black and grey... Closed D3 and reopened it and I got into the game but it took a long time loading. So I alt tabbed and got the D3D couldn't load error. I am starting by running a scan and repair on Diablo 3 now and I am also uploading a DXDIAG file taken today
  • Hey there Farrago16!

    So thanks for providing the Dxdiagnostics file there, I looked over it and I want to say your video drivers are out of date. I recommend updating them through Intel.

    From there go ahead and reset the in game settings for Diablo III through the desktop app. (Make sure the game client is closed)

    1. Click options under the Diablo III logo.
    2. Click Gamesettings.
    3. Click Reset In-game Options.
    4. Click Done.

    You can then go back to options and run the Scan and Repair tool. See if that does the trick for you.