Gray Loading Screen

  • Hello,

    I recently downloaded patch 2.4.3. Before I did such, my game worked flawlessly. Now, when I try to load the game, I get a gray screen and game will not load.

    I have since made sure my firewalls were not the issue, I have rebooted, and tried again. Still, no dice.

    Yesterday, it worked. Today, no. Any suggestions?

  • TBear,

    Could you please post some information about your computer? You can find this information in the Direct X Diagnostic Tool:

    Press Windows Key + R.
    Type DxDiag and press Enter.
    In the DxDiag window, at the bottom, click Save All Information.
    Name the file "dxdiag" and click Save. (note where it's been saved so you can find it)

    Locate the Dxdiag.txt file just created and open it to copy and paste ALL of it's contents into your reply.
  • GreenBlade,

    Thanks, Can you now post your D3Debug.txt file? It's located in the main Diablo III game folder.
  • GreenBlade,

    There are no errors being generated or detected in the D3Debug file, it all looks fine. Try enabling vertical Sync though and see if it helps. Since you can't od it in-game, you can edit your D3Prefs.txt file instead with Notepad or any text editor of your choice. The file is in your Documents\Diablo III folder.

    Look for this line
    Vsync "0"
    and change it to
    Vsync "1"

    Save it and try the game again

    *update* Actually, I just noticed you sent the older D3Debug file from when the game was running 2.4.2 still. My mistake, they now put the 64 bit client version of the D3Debug.txt in your Diablo III\x64 folder so could you post that one instead please?