Not enough memory

  • Playing the game on 64 bit, it starts off with total RAM usage around 3,7GB, after a while it just slowly goes up to 4, 5, 6 etc untill i get a white screen and an error message saying not enough memory.
    Only solution is going back to 32 bit client for now.
    Anyone knows the real solution?
  • Hey all,

    kciR- With only 3.7GB of memory in the computer there may not be enough available memory for the memory requirements for Windows, Diablo III 64-bit and other programs that may be running. the 32-bit may be the best option for this computer. You can also try to run the computer in a selective startup mode. This will help make sure other programs that are not needed are not using up any memory. Markishmark and Wittminator running in a selective startup mode may help both of you too.

    kciR, Markishmark and Wittminator - This error message could also be related to not enough available memory in the video card too. To be on the safe side make sure Windows and the video drivers in the computer are up to date. I see from the DxDiag that the drivers are old. Old drivers and Windows being out of date can cause issues with memory allocation.