Mac Brightness problem

  • Having an issue with my brightness i can't see anything on the map except for the small illuminated area 5 yard around my player. its impossible to play on the darker maps.

    when i adjust the gamma in game i can't see the diablo skull at all even at max gamma.

    Imac 27inch
    Running Latest Version
    Adjust maximum brightness of preferences
    Configured Monitor for maximim gamma in the calibration
    Black out the windows in my room to make sure it wasn't just glare.

    In Game
    Adjust Gamma To Maximum
    Played in windowed / fullscreen-window / and fullscreen mode ( no improvements )
  • Thanks for the reports.

    If you can, please post a picture of what you are experiencing so I can forward this to our team for review.

    Also, please post your system specs?

    Obtaining System Information
      1. Hold the 'Option' Key and choose System Profiler/Information from the Apple Menu.

      2. Copy the information from the following sections:
    • Hardware (remove the Serial Number line)
    • Graphics/Displays
    • Software (remove the Computer Name and User Name lines)

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  • Thanks for the continued reports. Would it be possible to post a pic of what the game looks like when it has these gamma problems? List your specs as well as what gamme level you have it on, so we can do some comparison.