Freeze + Network Disconnects

  • Ana
    Hi there,

    I've read though the forums and whilst I've seen a lot of similar threads, none seem to be quite the same as what's happening with me, so here goes...

    My symptoms started on the day S9 was released. Never had issues before but has been an incredibly frustrating constant ever since.

    At random times during the game, when doing anything from bounties to Grifts, whether it's solo in a private game or in a full party in public game, I will be playing normally when suddenly my D3 screen freezes. Minutes (yes, MINUTES) later, it will unfreeze and I get the message that I have been disconnected from the server. If I am alone, I will have lost any and all progress+loot and have to restart. If in party, I am able to rejoin group and continue.

    - I have no lag nor any FPS issues or drops.
    - My network connectivity is fine.
    - All drives are up to date for my OS.

    I have tried other game-related solutions you have offered other players recently for similar situations, such as:

    - Run the client in 32-bits
    - Switch from Fullscreen to windowed mode
    - Close everything else apart from the game (not a viable long-term solution, btw.)
    - I've even completely reinstalled the game.

    Nothing has worked and I am now in a situation where I cannot do any solo progression as I can never complete a Grift. At all. Ever. It always freezes me out right at the end of the Grift.

    Before you ask me for dxdialog results etc. - this is not the solution as the problem is not on my end.

    My husband plays sitting right next to me without any issue. Both our installation, computer specs and network + internet connectivity is just fine. He is a MCSE-Communications/MCITP-certified Systems Admin, so trust me, there ain't nuttin' wrong with our setup. :P

    The only difference is that he is running Windows10 and I am on Windows 7 and for the foreseeable future this will not change.

    I can play every other Blizzard game perfectly fine all day long except for D3 S9 (in all honesty, not tried non-season yet).

    The only thing that makes sense to us is that it might have to do with the graphics card driver, which is currently GeForce GTS 450 v. 376.33.

    Please can you have a look at what's going on? I'm seriously getting bummed with this and am not relishing having to do this the entire season.

  • Hey Ana,

    Before I get in to this, I would like to apologize it took so long to respond. It sounds like the basics would be covered in your case, what I would like to do is have you test to see if you have the same issue with your character on your Husbands PC. If you do not, please hit up our support team with your MsInfo. This will allow our support team to assist you directly and dig in to the issue more than we can here.