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  • Hello guys, i am having trouble, I've purchased the game yesterday. And i ran into trouble well actually let me state this first, i had the trial game first and loved it, so what i did was buy a key, then enter it in the game, and its showing as if i am still owning the Starter version :'( now i cannot create a second character or even do anything that you could do inside the retail game. I Would say how much i been a fan of the series but i'll save that for another time, i don't want to take up anyone time! Also forgot to mention that this is the digital version bundled with Reaper of Souls.

    Thank You
  • Schattenlauf,

    I checked your account and on my end it shows up as being upgraded to Reaper of Souls. Restrictions on digital downloads can sometimes take up to 72 hours to be completely removed since we have to wait for bank authorizations to go through. I didn't see any orders on your account that went through us. Did you buy the game key from us? Are you still experiencing this issue?
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  • PrawnzBoy,

    "You would think one you bought it you should be able to up load it and deleted it as many times as you want."

    You can as long as you use the same Battle.net account.

    Try using your other Battle.net account that you have with "GMX.CO.UK".
  • Runt113,

    This Battle.net account from which you're currently posting was created in June 2015. It couldn't have been the same one you used when you bought the game back in 2012.

    If you submit a support ticket or enter into a live chat session with a Billing rep, if you can provide the authentication key they can see which account it's attached to and if it appears to be yours based on the contact information, they'll let you know what it is.

    Actually, I do believe I may have found the account but you'll still want to talk to a Billing rep as if I have the right one, it's had Diablo III closed on it due to a compromise. You'll need to work with the rep to see if it can be reopened.

  • Nosh,

    Are you still having an issue? I checked the Battle.net account from which you've posted and it's looking fine.