Game stuttering after 2.4.3 update

  • Wow Blizzard did you even test the patch or are we as your game base your beta testers... The game is unplayable now. The game freezes and lags all over the place. There was none of it just prior to the patch so don't come at me with try updating the driver or anything like that. This is entirely on your end and unacceptable.
  • Hey all,

    I just wanted to jump in here and let you know that we are aware of this and it is currently under investigation by our Quality Assurance team and Developers. As others have mentioned you can switch to the 32bit client or leave the chat channels for any Community you are in.

    To leave your Community Channels you will need to go in-game and hit Shift+O. From here just click on Leave Channel for the communities that you are in.

    As with any workaround this is a temporary fix and we will be working on a more permanent resolution for this.
  • Locking this thread. Stuttering can come from a range of issues. The core issue for this thread has been resolved and this topic is very old. New reports or recent reports of this issue should be reported in a new thread so we can assist you!