Showing item descriptions on Mac..

  • Ok, so when I first got my mac, I could place my cursor over an item and press a button (command? something? I don't remember) and that item's information would display.

    Now however, for some reason when I hover over an item on the ground, it only shows the item's name, and no button I push will display the item's information.

    Thus I have to actually pick up an item and have it in my inventory before seeing the stats.

    What changed? What did I screw up? I've tried fixing/changing the options -> key binds a dozen times.
  • Neosutra, you should be able to press the Control key to see an item's stats before picking it up. I was able to verify that this is still working on Mac 10.10.5; can you retry and let me know if the issue persists? If so, let's get some additional info:

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