Non Visible Mouse Cursor in FULLSCREEN mode

  • Has there been any resolution discovered aside from setting Diablo 3 into "Windowed Fullscreen" to make the mouse cursor animate?

    I have installed AMD's/ATI's hotfix as prescribed by Blizzard Blues above in their ambiguous Graphic Artifact thread and my problem is not resolved.

    In order to have a half way fix last night I had to a££ hat around with an invisible cursor to the options menu and judge by illumination of the boxes where the pointer was aimed in order to work around.

    Fix this error Blizzard or my boot will be up your [email protected]#. ATI Radeon HD5670 all the latest Drivers and Hotfixes have been applied. My system files are operational both Operating System and Diablo3.exe
  • Vhyle,

    Have you tried what was suggested above?

    If you are running Windows 7:

    1. Right click anywhere on the desktop and select Screen Resolution
    2. Click on Make text and other items larger or smaller
    3. Change the size of text to Smaller - 100% (default)
    4. Apply, click on Log off now and restart

    It seems to only happen if you use full screen mode so windowed mode is one option. A better solution though is if you need to set up a custom text size, instead of using one of the larger preset values use a custom one instead. For example, if I set it to 150%, the mouse doesn't work in-game when full screen, but a custom size of 149% works fine.

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