Cant Find Digital Copy Game Key

  • So my original intenet was to buy just a actual copy of this game but everywhere is sold out
    so i just gave up and bought the digital copy

    and this is my first time ever buying a digital copy to any game
    and i know with blizzard games after you buy the game you get a code
    and you need this code in order to play on battlenet

    can someone plz tell me where i can find this code on my computer or my blizzard account

    and also my game is in download right now
    and it says i need three disks?
    how do i insert the disks when its a game downloaded right from the internet???

    i know theres probally alot of these kinds of threads
    but i would really appreate the help cause well ive been waiting for this game for 10 yrs and really wanna play it (like im sure most of you where)
  • XCrazyJackX,

    There won't be a key as it's automatically applied for you to the account when purchased from our online store. The digital client on your Account Management site under the games section streams the game to your drive. It sounds like you may have obtained a copy from another source?

    Support Information Administrator
  • CharlieKilo,

    There isn't a key for the digital version nor is one needed for anything.

    Your issue can most likely be resolved by logging in to your Account Management page and changing the password. That forces the data on the account to refresh which should remove the trial restrictions you're still seeing.
  • Trillein,

    We really can't do anything about account issues like this in a public forum. You'll have to go through our support ticket system I'm afraid.

    This support article will lead you through the process of submitting a ticket, requesting a call back, or entering into a live web chat session..

    I'm available in the forums Monday - Friday, 12 pm - 8 pm Pacific Time
    Please provide feedback! -

    I'm available in the forums Monday - Friday, 12 pm - 8 pm Pacific Time
    Please provide feedback! -
  • DaniVuDu,

    The account you're using to post in here just has the Starter Edition of the game on it. It also is not showing any purchases for the retail game. If you bought the game from another store. it would have come with an authentication key. You need to add that key to your account in order to unlock the retail content.