Games freezes briefly, everything vanishes, then resumes

  • My game randomly freezes, mostly in act 3 areas, then all the walls and models disappear except for the floor, then 2 seconds later, everything catches up.

    Ive never had this problem in the past.

    i74970k 4ghz
    32gig ram 1800mhz
    GTX 980ti
    and my game is on an SSD
    Nvidia 144hz gsync monitor
    Win10 most recent update

    I super overwhelm this game and my graphics drivers are up to date. Any thoughts?

    EDIT: I recently had the game crash and it says "application blocked from accessing hardware."
  • Hey, all!

    Can you guys make sure you have the following driver installed:
  • Locking thread due to age.

    If you need help with a game stutter like this, please open a new thread with as much information as possible such as what you have tried so far and what the issue is you're seeing please. =)