D3d11.Dll not found

  • d3d11.dll Game will not launch error = Unable to locate component This application has failed to start because d3d11.dll was not found. Windows Vista.

    FYI Idid uninstall and reinstall game.
  • Hey FurryFingers,

    Lets double check to make sure that Windows Vista is updated with all of the important and optional updates.

    I would also recommend checking to see if there is a newer driver version available for your video card, either from AMD or Nvidia depending on what you have.

    Updating your drivers and operating system

    If you still have trouble feel free to reply back with the contents of your DXDIAG file.
  • Furryfingers,

    This working for you makes sense, as you're running DirectX10 on your computer. We tied the 64-bit client to DirectX11 for Diablo III. You should be able to play this on the 64 bit mode by updating your Direct X if you have a 64 bit vista version.