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  • I have the standard edition of diablo III can still play currently, although I am afraid if I unistall/reset my my pc that i will not be able to play again, seeing as though i have forgotten/misplaced my code. I purchased Diablo III from a local GameStop as a digital purchase. I have my email info still. I do not know how i would obtain my Authentication Code for future references. Any ideas would be very welcome. Thank you.
  • Hi XxKALADINxX, I can see Diablo III on your account, so you're all set. Once you've used the Authentication Key once to register Diablo III on your account, you don't need it anymore. You can download and install Diablo III as many times as you like on as many computers as you want. You just need to log in with your account and play.

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  • LuckyPants,

    Why would you have posted that here in a public forum?

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  • cameron,

    Yes. You can't add the expansion which isn't a standalone game until you've first added the main Diablo III game.

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  • Hey gabbbbeh,

    The account you are posting from does not show any authentication keys being claimed on it. If you claimed the keys on a different Account then the one you are posting from, make sure then you are logging to the game on the same account you claimed the keys on.

    If there are any further issues with the keys or Diablo III showing as a starter edition I recommend contacting Customer Support.
  • Straycatz,

    The account from which you're posting has never had Diablo III other than the Starter Edition you just added to it. I found the actual account you used and it looks like you did too based on the activity I see on it.
  • Tarinton139,

    You're likely going to need to return it to Walmart for an exchange if they sold you a copy that has a used key.
  • motly66,

    You can't get a new code unless you purchase one. If you bought the game already and the code was attached to a account you can no longer access, you'll need to contact a support representative via a live chat to discuss your options. they may be able to help you regain access to the old account so you can download the game installer again.

    Contact Support -

    Use the Live Chat selection when it's available for you.
  • Calamity,

    It looks like this account only has the trial version of the game. You can check this at your account management page. If you purchased Diablo III previously, it's probably on another email address. If you need help recovering the account, contact us here with as much information as you can remember about the old account and we'll see what we can find.