Error 315300 and multiple Mac accounts

  • We were having a lot of difficulty with switching user accounts on our iMac and Diablo III.

    As far as we could tell, my friend was typing her ID and password correctly into Diablo. She should log in to the web site just fine. But still she'd get incorrect username/password (Error 315300 - ).

    Eventually we discovered that she had to be logged into the iMac under my account (which Diablo III was installed from). It wouldn't work from hers. Her account is also an administrator account. Diablo III would ask her for her local Mac credentials whenever she tried to run it, so I assume Diablo III is trying to create some files somewhere and failing.

    Posting this in case other people run into the same issue. Just run Diablo III from the Mac account that installed it for now.
  • This may be due to corruption in the Blizzard folder under Users/Shared. Have you tried deleting that and trying again? Don't delete the folder there.