Restore hero (accidentally delete wrong one )

  • Hi Team ,

    Good day , Sorry i accidentally deleted a wrong hero . As usual stash is full as always . As you know this is an anniversary event . Force myself to delete one hero just to play level 1 hero to get the butcher . Once i finished the Event . I decided to delete the level 1 hero and rebirth my crusader unfortunately doesn't work . Firstly i thought deleted heros all item will apply to my mail box but is not . Blizzard please give me back my crusader all my hard work gold , white and mats is in that Crusader stash ( under the name of ghost ) . After loyalty investing so much time on this Diablo 3 is all gone now .WIth the love of the game . If you can at least mail back all item or rebirth my Crusader would be very very very appreciate . Hope to hear good news soon from you guys . thnaks
  • supaworm,

    You can restore the last deleted character from within the game your self.
  • supaworm,

    "decided to delete the current one and bring back the one that deleted earlier then before this level 1 hero ."

    I'm afraid you can't do this. You can only restore the last deleted character.