Low FPS/GPU Usage How to solve this problem

  • Hello everyone, many gamers have problems with low GPU usage and low FPS although their PC's, laptops or notebooks comply Diablo III requirements. I had same problem and after many days looking for trick which can solve this problem I found this video with two easy steps:


    My video card usage was about 50-60% before and now it's about 95% of my GPU potential.
    I recommend to use Windowed (Fullscreen) option to play without borders. Sadly it probably works only for Windows 7/Vista users.

  • Miniomegaxis,

    I don't believe any of the above players are going to return unfortunately, considering they posted in this thread in 2014.

    I would recommend going through the Diablo 3 performance troubleshooting which can help with general issues like low framerate.

    If you still need help feel free to create your own thread, list what troubleshooting you have already attempted, and post the contents of your DXDIAG file.

    I'm going to lock this thread due to its age.