No Sound

  • I'm getting no sound when I log into Diablo. This doesn't change when I adjust any setting, and I've restarted multiple times. I don't know if blizz is having a problem right now, or is it just me?
  • Howdy!

    Can you give more details on how this issue started? Did you just install the game and sound never worked or login one day to no sound? Does the troubleshooting below help at all?

    The most common reason I find is forced effects through sound card/motherboard provided sound control panel software. Look for any extra settings such as SRS and disable it or most sound control panels have a revert to default option button. Make sure you double check our Sound troubleshooting article Here.

    Before you retest the game goto to your Documents -> Diablo III -> Delete the D3Prefs.txt to reset the settings back to default. If the issue continues see if it's related to a third party conflict by running the system in Selective Startup mode.

    If the issue continues post up your Dxdiags within code blocks?

    Thank you!