Troubleshooting disconnect errors

  • Using Windows 7 Enterprise Sp1, Lenovo W540 laptop with SSD. Direct network wired to Verizon FIOS router model FiOS-G1100 with firmware (firmware is auto-updated by Verizon and I've had it for about 1 year).

    The basic problem is that I'll have no discernible lag of any kind or any other issues and suddenly "Error 3007: Your connection to the service has timed out. Please log in again." In a few cases I could still see the templar and monsters moving and attacking beneath the error dialog. Once I clicked OK on the dialog I am kicked to the login screen.

    I've been playing since 2012 and using the same laptop since 2014 and I've experience random DC's before and they were very rare. But since the beginning of January, I've been getting DC'ed at least a once per week.

    The error has occurred while I was in town and in rifts and in solo games and group games. There has never been a case where I was inactive in any way when the error occurred and it doesn't seem to be a time issue; I've gotten DC'ed after 15 min and even after an hour of playing. I've also gotten DC'ed even when I know I'm the only person awake in my house using the internet.

    I've already reviewed several support articles:

    I have rebooted the router, release/renew/flushed with ipconfig, ran scan disk, checked for updated drivers (none available), made sure I connected to general chat (really annoying but OK), and done at least a few other things from the articles.

    Still got DC'ed today after doing those.

    Looking for other things I can try or check.

  • Hey EmmetOtter,

    Thank you for letting us know all the steps you have tried. You definitely have been thorough. On top of what you tried I do have some additional steps I would like you to try that could help stop these error 3007 disconnections.

    • Please run the with the Run as Administrator option.

    • Let's set the App to close when a game is running.
    1) On the App click on the big icon in the upper left corner.
    2) Then click on Settings from the dropdown menu that opens up.
    3) In the General preference tab, under the When I launch a game field, select Exit completely.
    4) Click on done and launch Diablo III

    • Open the My Documents folder in Windows. In the My Documents folder there will be a Diablo III game folder. Delete the Diablo III folder.

    • In the router please disable any Quality of Service (QoS), UPnP and game mode options. The manufacture of the router should have instructions on how to do this. Usually it would be on their website.

    • Let's reset the Windows Winsock
    1.Click the Windows Start button.
    2. Type "Cmd" in the Start Search text box and press Ctrl-Shift-Enter (keyboard shortcut to run Command Prompt as Administrator). Click Continue to allow elevation request.
    3. Type "netsh winsock reset" in the Command Prompt, and then press the Enter key.
    4. Type "netsh int ipv4 reset" in the Command Prompt, and then press the Enter key.
    5. If you use ipv6, type "netsh int ipv6 reset" in the Command Prompt, and then press the Enter key.

    • If the disconnections still happen, please post a DxDiag and and a WinMTR

      1) Download WinMTR -
      2) Unzip the file to the Desktop.
      3) Open the WinMTR folder and select the one corresponds to your version of Windows (32 or 64 bit version).
      4) Run the WinMTR.exe
      5) Type the IP address you would use to run a trace route in the "Host" -
      6) Click on "Start" while playing
      & Run for at least 10 minutes then click on "Stop" in WinMTR
      7) Click on "Export text" and save to a text file.
      8) Copy and paste the contents of whole file here.
      9) Click on "Start"
      10) Run for 10 minutes then click on "Stop" in WinMTR
      11) Click on "Export text" and save to a text file.
      12) Copy and paste the contents of whole file here.
  • Thank you for trying the steps and posting the files. The Dxdiag and WinMTR both look good. So to be able to dig deeper in to the cause of this I would like you to email me the MSinfo from the computer. Please email it to and in the subject put "For Eloemaz from EmmetOtter about D3 3007". After you do mail it over please post that you emailed it. That email box is not checked unless we know something is being sent to it.
  • Thank you for sending over the files. I so see several things in the MSinfo that could be causing this error.

    • I do see a lot of Windows update errors. The files do not show if those update were able to be installed. To be on the safe side make sure Windows is up to date.

    • The DxDiag did not show this, but I see in the MSinfo there is an Nvida Quadro card in the computers. These video cards are not supported for Diablo III. Let's make sure that the Intel video card is the one being used for Diablo III.

    • Next I do see there us a VPN running on the computer. I have seen VPNs cause this error before. Please make sure it is not running.

    • I see there is some encryption software on the computer. If the game files are encrypted it could cause issues. Make sure the encryption software is not encrypting the game files.

    • I have seen some security programs cause this to happen before. Temporarily disable any security program.
  • 1) There are not any debug options for Diablo III to turn on for this. Those logs are for the App. Diablo III has it's logs normally located here C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\InspectorReporter. If there was a crash an error report should have been created here.

    2) You should not have to do any of these steps on a regular schedule. Normally only recommend doing those steps when you see an issue. Depending on the computer, modem/router or other factors you may find you need to do them more often. I have known players that have set up a schedule based on their experience of how often they need to do these steps.