LOST ROS CD and comp was reformatted

  • Hey all,

    My dad wants to get back into d3 after taking a few months hiatus. His comp had to be reformatted due to various issues, and now he cant find his d3 ros expansion
    CD. He has a battle net account, and did buy both d3 and the expansion.

    He asked me if he has to buy the CD again? I told him I wasn't sure since he did buy it and has an account through his battle net account.

    Can I use my ROS CD to reload files for his comp? can battle net download them for him someway? Plz let me know. Thanks guys
  • Howdy GreenRangerG!

    So I have some good news for you! All your father needs to do is download the Blizzard App and sign in with his email/password. His profile will have the saved CD keys so he doesn't need them anymore.

    App download: http://us.battle.net/en/app/

    Once his logged in I recommend allowing the app to install the game because the CD's don't work so well anymore. Just go to the Diabl 3 tab and click install. If your father has any issues getting into his account use the following link to put in a ticket to get that sorted out: https://us.battle.net/support/en/help/product/diablo3/289/969/channels