Help understanding MTR result

  • MTR:
    HOST: Blizzard Loss% Snt Last Avg Best Wrst StDev
    1. Blizzard 0.0% 10 0.3 0.4 0.3 0.6 0.1
    2. ??? 100.0 10 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
    3. 0.0% 10 0.8 0.8 0.7 1.0 0.1
    4. 0.0% 10 1.5 1.1 0.8 2.2 0.4
    5. 0.0% 10 1.1 4.4 1.0 29.2 8.9
    6. 0.0% 10 1.9 1.7 1.5 1.9 0.1
    7. 0.0% 10 2.0 2.0 1.9 2.1 0.0
    8. ??? 100.0 10 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0

    02/03/2017 08:59:37 UTC

    obviously form this MTR you can see something is going wrong in the last step however I have no idea what I can do to solve this issue.
    In-game this results in me getting pingspikes up to 2000ms which happen when I start using abilities or new monsters show up on screen.
  • Hey Makahl,

    So this MTR is from a Looking Glass test that shows our connection to you. Due to how most ISPs networks are configured we are not going to be able to get full data on the connection. Generally I recommend downloading and running a program called WinMTR which runs a MTR test from your computer to us. Just follow the below instructions and reply back with the results and I can take a peak at it for you.
    WinMTR Instructions:
    1. Download WinMTR from
    2. Unzip the file to the Desktop.
    3. Open the WinMTR folder and select the 32 or 64 bit version. Choose whichever one corresponds to your version of Windows.
    4. Run the WinMTR.exe
    5. Type the IP address you want to trace in the "Host" field. If you are not sure what IP address to use, be sure to check out our "Running A Pathping Test" ( support article, which mentions all of our IPs used for troubleshooting purposes.
    6. Click on "Start" and then launch the game. Once you notice the connection issue, play for about 5 more minutes, minimize the game and click on "Stop".
    7. Click on "Copy text to clipboard" and paste the results into your reply.
  • Makahl,

    We don't need your DNS address for this. Honestly, I didn't see any problems in either of these tests which would cause this kind of problem. (Assuming you ran the tests while the issue was happening.) If not, let's re run the tests while having problems in game and see if we catch anything.

    If you did, however, your best bets are going to be making sure your router firmware/network drivers are up to date. Apart from that if you use any VPNs/proxies (akamai netsession interface, hamachi, etc) you can try temporarily uninstalling those and closing background applications which eat up bandwidth.
  • Hey again Makahl,

    Okay, with that information, I think it'll be helpful to get a new WinMTR test that gets run specifically when the issue is happening. I also need a DXDiag from you to see if I can find any errors of note in that file. You can create that DxDiag using these instructions. Once you have that made, open the file. You'll need to copy and paste the contents of the Text document into the post using the "Code" button (</>).