/ Diablo 3 sets all options to default

  • When I run the launcher it keeps going back to all defaults, I have to log in and it searches for "all installed games" and puts streaming / voice chat / download rate / enable 64 bit client & all launcher settings back to default.

    Also all of my Diablo 3 preferences (screen resolution, sound, music, video options, physics, anti-aliasing, ssao are reset at the same time)

    This has happened to me multiple times in the past 24 hours.

    Any idea whats going on here?
  • Howdy!

    Can you attempt to right click on the Desktop app and run it as Administrator? It sounds like it's running into permission issues. If that doesn't work double check the Desktop app and the game are both installed on your Operating System Drive. If not try reinstalling them to the OS drive.