Constant crashes, freezes, BSOD

  • I keep getting part of the way through desolate sands then I get freezes, crashes, and one time a BSOD. I had one or two crashes before this area too.

    My system info
    MSI 980Ti SLI
    AMD 9590
    32 GB RAM
    Windows 10 64bit
  • Howdy!

    This error is showing an Access Violation when the game is interacting with your Nvidia Drivers. This often turns out to be a general third party conflict.

    I'd recommend the following:
    - Disable Nvidia Share
    - Look for any streaming or Overlay software running on the system and attempt to disabling it before running the game.
    Retest! If the issue continues attempt again but with the system setup in Selective Startup mode. This will disable all background programs.

    Other steps to continue troubleshooting:
    - Try running Diablo III with just one GPU within the Nvidia Control Panel, SLI may our software to driver issues. With one 980TI you should be able to run this game at a great FPS.
    - Try the 32bit client to see if the issue continues Here.

    Thank you!