Clan Leaders please Listen

  • Good evening or good morning

    Tonight I was kicked from a clan that I was a founding member and a clan officer in the beginning. I had not been in the clan for 100% of the time due to personal reasons, at one stage I left because I wanted to focus on hard-core and the clan that I belonged to a limited hard-core members. Other times I left because I knew that real-life commitments meant that I would have limited time to play and the clan was generally full and I did not want to take up a place.

    In real life I have been a placard waving bleedingheart. I cannot change this because this is what makes me what I am. Over the last couple of weeks there has been a message of the day that has offended some people mainly one. Being of the nature of not letting someone that is feeling ostracised because they have no voice because they are not in the clain any longer, I feel the need to pick up their burden. During the week the clan leader promised to change the message over the weekend because they had been feeling that they were being tough on the subject.

    When I logged in tonight's Sunday the message had not been changed so I asked the question politely why was it not changed?

    Instantly the message of the day had changed.

    I personally logged in and out to see what the message had changed to.

    In reality only one word had changed but the message was exactly the same. I merely asked the clan leader if he thought that this was a joke? considering that his actions was offending some people. I was kicked from the clan. I was kicked from any right to give a review.

    Maybe something I said was wrong maybe something he said was wrong. The fact of the matter is we possibly both could be wrong. The fact of the matter is he still has the clan and all the connections to play with. I myself personally am ostracised for speaking out for somebody who was offended by message, that I personally feel that I respectfully ask that question.

    I personally feel that I do not want to join the clan again. As I do not want to join a clan that can disrespect people openly like this just because they feel like it.

    We play this game to escape real-life problems. It is inappropriate to have dictators that we have too curtailed to just because they say so.

    I am personally disgusted by the behaviour of the Caln leader, And personally believe that he should never be in that position ever again.

    I think my biggest problem was that I put my questions in open clan chat. I did this because I feel we have differences with the leader everything should be open. Also the discussion to remove the offending message was an open chat.

    But personally I am a total peace as I do not want to belong to a clan that will openly ostracise people from a non-benevolent dictator.

    Regards lame-duck
  • Alright. We have all had our say.

    Remember it's a game and while not everyone will see eye to eye, we all have a common interest in slaying the hordes of hell!

    Thread locked.

    PS: Ryoka is now banned.