Primal Ancient?! Seriously?

  • More grinding just for the sake of grinding? Really there's no hope left for this game. Just bring the +20 torment levels already.
  • Hey everyone, just wanted to share a quick reminder:

    Getting your feedback on different topics (including Primal Ancients) is greatly appreciated, especially as we iterate on different aspects of the PTR. Hearing not only what you like or don't like, but why you like or don't like it is very helpful.

    At the same time, we've had to action (a few) responses here that go against the Code of Conduct. It's entirely possible for healthy, constructive debates to get derailed by personal attacks; if and when that happens, we'll close the thread and encourage people to repost with a focus on being constructive.

    I'd rather not see that happen here since a lot of what I'm seeing here is good stuff (which I'm happy to pass on). Please keep the focus on being constructive.