Error: 316005

  • I am trying to create a new character. (Just deleted all of my old ones.) I am receiving the error message 316005. (Unable to create new hero because all slots are filled. You must delete another here to create a new one.)

    Can anyone assist with this issue? I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game and nothing is working.
  • Hey there everyone.

    I know a few players have been running into this trouble and I wanted to let you know we are aware of it and are investigating it on our end. I don't have details on what the issue is yet but we are working on it and hope to have it resolved soon. Thanks for hanging in there while we investigate this. If I get any further updates to the situation, I will post back here. Anyone else who is experiencing this issue is welcome to post in this thread as well.
  • As an update, we are still working on this issue and while we don't yet have a work around or resolution, the issues you are running into are region specific. For now if you really just want to play and have no characters in that region, you can switch to a different region to play.

    Be aware that progress does not transfer between regions and playing in another region may have you seeing higher than normal latency.
  • So it looks like we have all the information needed but I did want to add something in regards to attempting a rollback to solve this.

    A rollback can indeed solve this but rollbacks are not unlimited. If you can wait for the fix to be implemented I'd recommend waiting it out since we can't reset the number of rollbacks you would have available for an account. Additionally if you actually have some sort of progress made since that time, it would be lost. A rollback is for the entire account and would affect everything on it. Just keep that in mind before attempting to use it.

    Thank you though for bringing this additional information to our attention. We appreciate you taking the time to work with us on this issue. :)
  • Howdy!

    Our QA and Developers are still at work on this issue. No update for you just yet but they are actively working on it as we speak!