i pre ordered wow legion and didnt get wings on diablo 3

  • i just got done installing diablo 3 again after installing the preordered legion game for wow and expected to get the wings but there not poping up what gives
  • WOlfsbane109,

    Records show the account pre-purchased the Standard Edition of the Legion upgrade. The wings are given only for pre-ordering the Digital Deluxe version I'm afraid.


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  • Zeiken,

    It is usually best to create a new thread instead of resurrecting an old one. However I did take a look for you. You only have the standard copy of Legion and not the Digital Deluxe. You will want to upgrade the account that has Legion in order to get the D3 wings.
    Also, as long as the WOW account with Legion is on the same battle.net account as your D3 you are fine. Just make sure to upgraded the WOW account to a Digital Deluxe instead of standard if you still want the wings.

    ~ Zayssie
  • Hey carina,

    The account you are posting from does not have Diablo III on it. Your Diablo III would need to be on the same Battle.net account that your World of Warcraft account is on for the Wings from the Digital Deluxe version of Legion to be added to it. If you have multiple accounts I recommend contacting customer support to see what options, there. Also have your husband contact support and they can check on his account to see why he is not seeing the wings too.