"waiting on another installation or update"

  • It's been saying that since yesterday (possibly longer, yesterday was the first time I looked in a few days). There aren't any other installations or updates running, and I'm not running any other games through the launcher. I've tried restarting the launcher - doesn't help. I've tried hitting the fast forward button - doesn't help. Any other ideas?
  • Hey Rynko,

    It sounds like the Battle.net app is stalling out for some reason. The first thing I would do is head into /Users/Shared and remove the Battle.net and Blizzard folders there and then restart the Battle.net App. That will cause it to update the App settings and cache and usually clears this up. If this still occurs I would uninstall and the Battle.net App, this is a quick process and does not require reinstalling the game, just relocating it after you reinstall the app.