Mac Error

  • I installed Diablo 3 on my Mac and went to launch it, it would open in the launchpad, bounce and close, No error, nothing. Restarted and it still does it, so I deleted Diablo from my machine and went to reinstall but I get the error BLZBNTAGT000002BF. It says that the install from the disk/or file may be corrupt, I've downloaded it again and again, Same issue every time. Cleared the cache and rebooted again and still nothing. I have no issues with Hearthstone or Starcraft. Im also running a new application. I downloaded it two days ago and installed all 3 games over night, Only Diablo isn't working.

    Any idea?

    Mid 2012 MacBook Pro
    Running OS X 10.12.3.
    Intel i7 2.9ghz
    16GB of ram
    Intel Integrated HD graphics 1500mb

    Not a single issues on my other PC's or Macs, just my MBP which runs the game smoothly I just uninstalled it a about a year ago and wanted to run it again on this machine.
  • Hey demolition,

    I would make sure to download a fresh copy of the Desktop App Installer and give that a shot. Additionally I would make sure that you are logged in as an Administrator account and are not using FileVault.