Summary of ENTIRE Necromancer Q & A

  • "Insert community question here"...any question..and we got basically only one of three replies....

    Response A: Something we already knew from the Blizzcon reveal

    Response B: They claimed they didn't know answer yet, but will know the answer later in development.

    Response C: They told us they did know the answer..but they weren't allowed to share the answer yet.

    That's basically it. It lasted for almost a full hour, and we learned very little new information about the Necromancer.

    I don't know, I obviously do appreciate them keeping us informed and doing community events like this.....but I can't help but feel like this one should have been done later. Maybe they could have tied it to a concrete feature reveal, or some other window when they knew more/or were allowed to give more away.

    Because as it stood tonight, it felt like largely a waste of time.
  • 01/26/2017 10:19 PMPosted by Lambz
    Will they add Q&A online somewhere?

    Indeed! Pick your platform:

    It may have been a little early, since there is plenty still being locked down and refined at this point. However, I'd like folks to think of this more as a kickoff. We're committed to improving communication with our community, and this is one of the many steps we're taking. Behind-the-scenes insight on development and approach to design is something I think many folks are interested in, so that was largely the realm we stayed focused on since it was what we could discuss at length. Other aspects, like hard and fine details, are still in heavy fluctuation. As things take a more definitive shape, we'd love to share more!

    I'm very interested in the ongoing feedback you all are providing, and I appreciate the time taken to provide constructive criticism on these events. It helps me learn and grow in my role, and for all of us as a team to improve the back and forth we want to have with all of you. Thank you!

    01/26/2017 09:49 PMPosted by Valkar
    As a 100% side note, maybe I missed out, but is the Q & A pronunciation of "golem" correct?

    Might be accent related. :) I've moved around a lot in my life and heard both "GO-lem" and "Gal-LUM," and I certainly tend towards the latter. Not sure either way is particularly "right." My dialect is mostly Midwest with a splash of Southern, so sometimes there's oddities with my pronunciations.