Game settings keep resetting after restarting.

  • I haven't played D3 for a few patches (did not touch my old settings no new hardware upgrades, etc.) I started the game and my resolution was set to some high setting (24XX x etc.) and I set it back to my default 1600 setting and adjusted some sound options, however I noticed that everytime I start the game it goes back to that 24xx resolution AND all my other settings (sound and even keybinds) go back to what it was previously.

    I even set everything to "default" and adjusted the settings accordingly but it still rubberbands back to the first setting I mentioned above (not even default settings.)
  • Hey there FrostieeX!

    So it sounds like something is preventing your setting changes from being saved to the preference file. In most cases its just a corrupt preference file but that is easy enough to check.

    The preference file for Diablo III is stored in the Documents folder on Windows based PCs. Simply navigate to that folder using File Explorer, go into the Diablo III folder and delete the D3prefs file.

    Then go into the application Diablo III tab, click options under the Diablo III logo, choose gamesettings, then reset in-game options and finally Done.

    This will return everything to default states and should give you a fresh preference file that will save your setting changes properly.
  • I am glad that worked for you, Happy hunting!