HELP Region Locked

  • I bought the game on my Canadian account and after installing battle net client in French and downloading Diablo 3 in French I tried to launch the game in the Americas Region. But every time and whatever I do, it's always starting up the game on the European Region. I tried uninstalling everything and reinstalling but in English and same problem.

    I tried to change for Asia or the Beta thing but every time, it launches on European Region.

    Also, when my friends change their regions for mine, they can't see me either.
  • Hey jayaudet,

    I do have some steps to try that can help make sure the Diablo III is logging in to the right region.

    1) After logging into the wrong region, go to the character creation screen. This should be default if there are no characters in this region.
    2) Click on the Back button in the lower left-hand corner. This should take you to the login screen.
    3) Click on Options on the left side and then Account.
    4) Make sure the correct region is selected in the drop down menu then press Accept.
    5) Log in to Diablo III.
    Note: There must be no characters already created in the region to which the game is locked.