crashes when I load into game

  • I'm not sure how to post my specs from Mac... but after the update for the client and for diablo 3 reaper of souls my game loads slower and on top of that.... even after the games has loaded. It crashes when I ente actual games... I've tried tweaking my display and repairing the game updating etc. but it keeps crashing right before I load into games. This didn't happen up until the new patches were applied.

  • Hey all,

    I would make sure to update to OS X to 10.11.6 El Capitan or 10.12.2 Sierra. Generally we recommend using the 2 most recent versions of OS X especially after the recent patch and that should hopefully help with this.

    If you continue to have issues please reply back with the version of OS X you are running and what model Mac you have.
  • Hey all,

    I do have some additional steps I would like you all to try. If Diablo III is still crashing, please post the Diablo III Error Logs.

    • Run the Diablo III repair tool.

    • Reset In-Game Options.
      1) Select the game in the Desktop App and click Options .
      2) Click Game Settings.
      3) Click on Reset In-Game Options.
      4) Click Done and launch the game normally.

    • It is possible another program could be interfering with Diablo III. To see if this is the case please run your computer with login items disabled.

    Please uninstall and then reinstall Diablo III