No Mercy Wings?

  • hey I bought Overwatch when it came out, pre-order and all that stuff, logged into D3 today for the new Season 9 but I couldnt find my Mercy Wings anywhere? Someone know how I get them?
  • Hey there WarSpiritUK,

    From what I can see it looks like your account has access to the Mercy Wings in Diablo 3.

    When you load up the game and you're in the lobby click on the Collection button at the bottom right. There you will see all of the cosmetics that your account has unlocked, including wings, pets, portraits, and pennants.

    Hope this helps!
  • Hey again WarSpiritUK,

    If the Mercy wings don't show up in the Collections you can try checking for the mail icon in the bottom left corner of the screen when you're actually in the game.

    Otherwise I would recommend submitting a ticket with our EU Customer Support department so they can have a look at things for you.