Awful framerate/stuttering after 2.4.3

  • The game stutters constantly while playing and it never did before the latest patch. Has anyone else experienced this?

    System Specs:

    Windows 10
    i7 5820k
    GTX 1080 x2
    16GB RAM 2400 mhz

    Edit: Just read that it is due to the "upgrade" to a 64 bit client. This thing is very poorly optimized if I can't run it even semi-stably on my system.
  • We've been busy gathering reports on the various experiences players have had with the new 64-bit client post-patch. We're hard at work testing a client update that should hopefully resolve the majority of the issues that you are encountering.

    There are still a few last tests to run and checkboxes to check off, but we're hoping to deploy this fix sometime this week (and as soon as we can). Thanks for all your incredibly helpful reports and the added details you've been providing. They've been paramount in tracking down these last few bugs.