Constant disconnection from server

  • After streaming the fist and second day of Season 9 - about 12 hours worth - I go to play on day 3 and get disconnected from the server, since I am rifting right now I see the disconnect after about 1-3 min of game play. It does not matter if I start the rift or or if I am joining any one. I contacted support through the IM interface. Closed my community chat, gave them all the documentation they wanted, and guess what I found on my own, that when I run a trace route on their IP it can not be resolved. Even winmtr can not resolve their host. As of right now I am fully up to date with all drivers, was before the new patch dropped, and and going to try re-installing the client.

    I find it funny that after 2 days of great game play now the whole thing is broken.

    I am posting here in hope that some one will get this fixed, because it seems I am one of a very few experiencing this issue.
  • Howdy Daarkwind!

    I understand connection issues can be frustrating to deal with. At the moment we do not have any outstanding connection issues with Diablo III. In most cases you will not be able to reach our actual game server with trace,WinMTR or pathping because when you finally get to us you hit a firewall that rejects the protocol which is often normal.

    In your case your Pathping showed hops 3 and 4 within your Internet Service Provider's network started to drop packets and stop at hop 4 within your Internet Service Provider's network. I'd recommend to forward that information to your Internet Service Provider to have it reviewed.

    If you continue to have any issues after that feel free to collect a WinMTR and post it up when the issue is occurring in game:

    Step 1) A WinMTR test shows your connection to our servers over time instead of a snap shot, that a pathping or tracert can offer us. This is great at picking up fluctuating connection issues such as your latency spiking up and down or why disconnects are occurring:

    1. Download WinMTR
    2. Unzip the file to your desktop
    3. Open the WinMTR folder and select the 32 or 64 bit version. Choose whichever one corresponds to your version of Windows. Run the WinMTR.
    4. Type the IP under “host”:
    5. Click “start" and run the test for at least 5 minutes before hitting the "Stop" option.
    6. Click “Copy text to clipboard” and paste it in your reply.

    Thank you!
  • Locking thread due to age.

    Bujin7 - If you need help, please start a new thread or contact support with as much information as possible and what troubleshooting you have tried so far.