30 second game lag

  • Hi guys

    I am reporting this once again....ever since the season 8 ended I am getting a prolonged lag in game(usually about 30 seconds). Is there a packet I am missing?
    Game seems to flow nicely otherwise. Please advise.

  • Heya Orion.

    I checked out some of your other posts, and it seems like you mentioned freezing and lag. It's pretty uncommon for lag to last 30+ seconds without you disconnecting as a result, so this may be a computer lock up of some sort. Before we try to fix that, can we get a pathping test from you? Just create it immediately the next time your game freezes up using the steps in that link, (Give it about 15 or 20 minutes) open up the test you create and copy the contents into your next post. I'll give it a peek to see if there's some kind of packet loss or something of that nature.