About Diablo 3 download

  • I just bought Diablo 3 + Expantion yesterday, and I have had serious problems downloading the game.

    I have been using the Battle client in WoW for years and recently OW.

    The problem is that every time I open the Battle client my download speed dies, consuming something like 95% of my bandwidth.

    When I had to download or update WoW or OW, I can do it while I watch something on Youtube or Netflix, but now literally I can not do anything unless I close it, and the worst thing is that although I'm downloading it with 95 % Of my speed is still going too slow. After about 12 hours I have kept it open, it has only downloaded around 8% of the total game.

    I thought maybe download the retail game from a torrent link and then update it through the battle launcher, but I do not know if it is possible or there is any safe link, or some other alternative.
  • Hey there Basil,

    This definitely sounds odd as the Battle.net app should not be consuming that much of your bandwidth and downloading so little of the game.

    It could be that some other piece of software is conflicting with the Battle.net or affecting the internet connection in a negative way. If you use any anti-virus or anti-malware software I might recommend doing a full scan to see if it picks up anything. If you need something free check out our Security Software page.

    You might also try rebooting using Selective Startup which will help shut down background process. This may help narrow it down to determine if there is a specific process or program that is conflicting while trying to download the games.