D3 was unable to initialize d3d after switching to desktop view

  • After the new patch , running 64 bit
    Everytime I load the game , and try to switch to dekstop view I got this dialog box D3 was unable to initialize d3d . And when hit ok, it switch back to the game

    This was working before in 32 bit , i can just tap the windows key and get to my desktop. Now I can not .. Help
  • Hey there dctjwow!

    Looking over this for you, it looks like there may be a driver issue with switching from the fullscreen game to your windows desktop. The most likely culprit would be drivers. I don't know offhand what your video setup is but I am including direct links to each video card chipset maker.


    If your system has multiple video chipsets, please make sure you upgrade all of them, even if you only rely on one of them.

    From there, Try resetting the in game options for Diablo III to default. You can do this with the game client closed by going into options on the Battle.net Desktop Application, Clicking on Game Settings and on that tab, clicking the reset In-Game Options button under Diablo III. Click done and then run the Scan and Repair tool.

    Finally, I would recommend switching to Windowed Fullscreen from Fullscreen mode. Many games can run into troubles switching from fullscreen to desktop but are fine when playing in windowed fullscreen.

    If none of that solves the issue, you can actually switch back to the 32 bit client. The option is located on the same gamesettings page you reset the game settings from.