Patch 2.4.3 Now Live on PS4 and Xbox One

  • Greetings, nephalem!

    Patch 2.4.3 is now live for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For the PC version of the patch notes, please click here.

    This patch includes a variety of item and skill updates, including (but not limited to):

      New Feature: 20th Anniversary Event
        A mysterious group of Cultists is stirring up trouble! Hunt them down in Adventure Mode to uncover clues that reveal a portal into Tristram’s past, and rediscover the terrifying darkness that took hold of the town so many years ago…This event is only available in January
      Hardware Support
        Support has been added for 4k ouput for the PS4 Pro

          Now has 3 chargesCooldown per charge remains 12 seconds with a chance to be reduced slightly by critical strikes
      Bug Fixes
        Several bug fixes have been applied to Monk and Wizard skills

      Legendary Items
        Red Soulstone Shard
          New Legendary Gem
            Periodically struggle for control, unleashing a ring of Fire that inflicts 12,500% weapon damage to enemies it passes through.
              With the above change, the primary effect of the gem deals significantly more damage at the gem’s base level, but scales more slowly with additional levels
            After gaining a level, your resource costs are removed and cooldowns on skills are reduced by 75% for 15 30 seconds. (Requires Rank 25)
      Class Specific Items
        Several items have been updated with new powers for each of the six classesSeveral class set powers have also received changes
      Bug Fixes
        Corruption shoulders can now be properly crafted at the BlacksmithBug fixes have been applied to several existing legendary items, including Hellfire Amulet, Illusory Boots, Pinto's Pride, and Flail of the AscendedFixed an issue that caused cosmetic pets to be dismissed unintentionallyFixed a bug causing transmogrify options to not properly unlock sometimes when first acquiring an item which grants a new transmogrify optionFixed a bug which caused the buff from the Legendary item Ahvarion, Spear of Lycander to end when changing floors in a Greater RiftFixed an issue which caused the Bones cosmetic pet to incorrectly produce sound when players interacted with some user interface elementsFixed an issue which caused +Elemental damage bonuses on weapons to override the damage bonus granted to Ancient Spear by Skular’s Salvation and its elemental typeFixed an issue which allowed Necrosis damage from the Helltooth Harness set to be reflected back by some enemies onto Witch Doctors using projectiles like Poison Dart

      Adventure Mode
          The number of enemy kills required to complete the following Bounties has been reduced:
            Kill AloysiusKill AxegraveKill BholenKill Captain Donn AdamsKill The Crusher
          The Cesspools map has been adjusted
            Enemy density and overall map size have been reducedThis area can now appear as the starting dungeon in Rifts and Greater Rifts
        Greater Rifts
          We have made a number changes to improve the play experience of Greater RiftsThe stacking effect of the following is now cleared upon entering a Greater Rift
            The items Lord Greenstone’s Fan, Fortress Ballista and Flail of the AscendedThe skills Arcane Dynamo and Mythic Rhythm
          The gold reward and empower cost for Greater Rift 25 and above have been increased
            The ratio between gold reward and empower cost remains about the same
          Players will now get an extra chance to upgrade their Legendary Gems if they do not die in a Greater Rifts
        Greed's Realm
          The portal to Greed’s Realm will now close 60 seconds after opening Greed’s chestWith this, players may now open multiple portals to the realm in a single game
          The waypoint for Pandemonium Fortress Level 2 in Adventure Mode has been moved from the entrance to the midpoint of the level in order to provide quicker access to some bounties
            With this change, bounties requiring you to kill unique enemies will only spawn these enemies in the first half of the dungeon, and all monsters on the map will contribute to bounty progress
        Bug Fixes
          Fixed an issue preventing the scene for “Bounty: Research Problems” from spawningFixed bugs that led to large open areas with no monsters in some rooms in Greater Rifts, which was especially common near the entrance to certain floors

        Several quality of life improvements have been made to enemiesEnemy Affixes
            Will now be cancelled immediately if the shielded monster is the last remaining monster in a pack
          Reflects Damage
            Now fires a projectile instead of instantly dealing damage to the playerThe warning duration for this affix has been reduced from 2 seconds to 1, and its active duration has been reduced from 6 seconds to 4
            Crawling lightning generated by this affix now pierces, allowing it to damage multiple targets in successionWith this, the damage caused by this affix has been reduced by about 35%
            New enemy affix
              Juggernaut monsters are permanently immune to crowd control effects, but move more slowly than normal monstersAlong with this change, enemies with this affix take 30% more damage from all sourcesOnly a rare Elite enemy can be a Juggernaut
            The duration of this enemy affix has been reduced from 8 seconds to 6 secondsThe time between when a wormhole is placed until it becomes active has been reduced to match the visual effectThe pull distance for this affix has been reduced to better match the visual effectWormholes should spawn on top of each other less often
          Bug Fixes
            Fixed an issue which caused Winged Assassins to sometimes travel across the ground instead of through the air when leapingFixed an issue which prevented Greater Rift Guardians from reliably teleporting to players when they spawned more than a few screens away Fixed an issue which sometimes cause Rift Guardians to spawn in a location where they couldn’t be targeted

              Now transitions more swiftly between his normal and larger version boss phases

          Quality of Life
              Can now be accessed through a new tab at the Mystic
                This includes Collector’s Edition dyes
              With this change, dyes will no longer be sold by vendors
            Bug Fixes
              Fixed display and text issues with some skills and itemsFixed an issue causing keybind issues when the UI was hiddenFixed a bug which caused Followers to sometimes become idle in combatFixed an issue which prevented Followers from being dismissed while they were incapacitated in battleFixed an issue which allowed pets and Followers to be attacked immediately after exiting a portal