Horadric Cache Question

  • I want to start farming items for my wizard now that i am quite happy with my DH. Can i farm cache bags with my DH and open them with my wizard for items? Or will all the items be tailored to my DH? Thanks!
  • 04/16/2014 02:55 PMPosted by Lucx
    To my knowledge, cache contents are determined when your character receives them, not when they are opened.

    This should be the case. However, bear in mind that smart loot drops are not always guaranteed, even from Horadric Caches - there's still a chance the items within do not roll appropriately for your character, though the chance for that is fairly low.
  • 04/16/2014 06:33 PMPosted by ttylz
    I did bounties with my low level barb and opened them with my 70 wizard.
    The gear that dropped had int, but was the level of my barb.

    As I mentioned, such coincidences can occur, but should generally be rare. I did experience something similar earlier today, just to check and make sure for myself. A cache obtained by my 70 Wizard gave my 60 Barbarian a set of level 70 shoulders with Strength, but the next cache I gave to my 60 Demon Hunter gave her a level 70 wand with Intelligence.

    It would take hundreds of tests to be absolutely certain on an individual level. Luckily, that's something our Quality Assurance team has already been thoroughly over. ;) Items found within should be dependent on the Horadric Cache's acquirer if they roll smart loot, and the Difficulty in which they are acquired or opened should have no bearing on the loot produced.