No Signet Ring of Blizzard

  • I connected my accounts it even says :

    Xbox LIVE®
    Your account is connected. Play Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition to use your Signet Ring of the Blizzard!

    Its not in my stash, it's been 24 hours since I've linked it.
    I've rebooted my Xbox, I've created a new character. Still no ring.
  • After double-checking to make sure the console is online, start the game and then back out to the 'Press Any Button' screen. (On Xbox One, “rebooting” might not actually mean shutting the console all the way off. There is a standby mode that would not cause the game to actually quit. Because of this, the system may not have checked to see if the player is eligible for the ring.) Log back into a character and recheck the stash. If it's still missing, check the character inventory to see if the ring was pushed there.