Diablo 2 username and password

  • I'm pretty sure my username was manning10. I can't find my cd key. The it has also been longer than 90 days, but the last time I recovered my account it had probably been at least a couple of years since i had used it. Hoping it hasn't been purged.
  • Hey Cody,

    I took a look and I did not see any Diablo II account with the name manning10. Looks like it was deleted for not being logged in to. :(

    Classic Battle.net Account Expiration
  • cody,

    There have been patches to the game since you last used it which means they would have done a system purge to remove expired accounts at the same time. There isn't any way to get back an expired or purged account I'm afraid.

    Going forward, if you have any questions about anything Diablo II related, please post in the Classic Games Support forum instead of here which is just for Diablo III issues.