Wrath of the Wastes nerf?

  • Why?

    This set was already not being used, so why nerf it?

    Dust Devils went from 2,500% to 600% damage? That's about 1/4 the damage you realize?
  • 12/07/2016 06:24 PMPosted by Shadowhex
    why drop the dmg from dust devils and move it to all dmg?

    We covered this a bit in the Q&A with Joe; the TLDW is that we want you to have more direct control over the damage you're dealing with the Wastes set. The damage should feel like it's coming from your character primarily rather than the tornados. This was the goal in moving the damage from Dust Devils to Whirlwind as a whole, and we're aiming for a roughly 60/40 split.

    Ultimately, we want Wrath of the Wastes to be better, not worse, after 2.4.3. However, we wanted to experiment with the initial change (moving the damage) before tweaking numbers, and it turns out we were too conservative. We will be buffing the numbers on both the Wrath of the Wastes 6-piece bonus and the Dust Devils rune. However, we're pretty late in the development cycle and these changes are coming in hot. We’ll be increasing the damage potential of Wrath of the Wastes but the final tooltip on PC will not reflect the under-the-hood numbers. This is because our final patch needs to be finalized well in advance of patch launch for console submissions.

    Keep an eye out for a hotfix in the near future on the PTR!
  • 12/16/2016 11:54 AMPosted by Free
    This is good news for many, many Barbs. If the real numbers won't be correct on the in-game tooltips, will they be accurately recorded in the patch notes?

    Yes! We'll absolutely make sure this is spelled out clearly in the patch notes.