Who is the legendary helm gem for?

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if a dev could chime in on why the gem is the way it is.

    Because I honestly don't see a use for it at all.

    - If you're leveling, you would want a ruby for EXP
    - The damage of the gem is too small and the rate at which the attack occurs is so low, and you get stunned?! (the last point boggles my mind.... possibly the worst design choice in a game in history? (lets ignore Diakatana for a second))

    So why would I use it?
  • The main intent behind the Red Soul Gem is to be a thematic and flavorful throwback to the events of the original Diablo, while also providing a unique way to deliver a pretty rad transmog. We were also very careful to avoid making an item that's only available during one month of the year too strong; it isn't meant to be the best or greatest Legendary Gem, but more of a memento of 20 years of Diablo.